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Under The Medical Direction of Dr. Jason Sims 
You NEED Coverage - Extreme Sports Medics has a full staff of Nationally Licensed EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters, with a combined experience of over 125 years.  They are also staffed with Professional Bull Fighters, qualified to bring the best cowboy protection available.

With Extreme Sports Medics on standby for your event, you can take comfort in knowing they are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and they have excellent working relationships with area land and helicopter ambulance services.
Don't risk an athlete's career, or worse their life, by not having sports medics at your events.

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Letter From Eric Ragain:  I Have had a business relationship with Extreme Sports Medics Since 2003. We started out with Oklahoma's largest nightclub with live bull riding inside. Paul Lay and I started working together with 2 medics nightly,  and since then we have expanded to a total of 4 different states and 4 different large night clubs with Extreme sports medics beside us the whole way. The Professionalism has been way beyond any of my original expectations. Over the years I have learned to lean on that dependability and never have been let down. In short one of my brightest business moments was hiring Extreme Sports Medics. Sincerely Eric Ragain, GM Club Rodeo " Fun In Oklahoma" 

the former
"Motor Sport News"
executive Jeff Toney
I have covered thousands of events since 1997 and there is only ONE medic group that stands out in my mind - Extreme Sports Medics - I have seen them in action hundreds of times and it was always impressive - from initial response and treatment to transfer by ambulance or helicopter, this is a very professional group - wish they had been there "back in the day" when I needed them a few times!
Video Clip of what we do in the field!